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Our truck mounted “steam” machines is what our technicians use to clean carpets. This modern technology in combination with our certified experts will give you the best cleaning results. In Cornell carpet cleaners each type of carpet is treated individually, our experts will pick the best cleaning method to satisfy your cleaning needs. 

Carpet Cleaning Orland Park IL 

We have two ways to clean your area rugs. We can clean them at your house or pick them up and clean them in our plant. Area rugs unlike your wall to wall carpet require special treatment. In plant cleaning is recommended for most oriental and handmade rugs. Such rugs require special attention and sometimes undergo several treatments. 

area rug cleaning orland park IL

We have three different air duct cleaning packages. Each package has been developed to best satisfy your cleaning needs. Beware of advertisements that have whole house specials for very low prices, many of these companies upon arrival up-charge to excessive amounts. Call us now to find out more about our packages and our pricing and ask us about dryer safety alarm (LintAlert) and protect your house from unwanted fire damage.

Air Duct Cleaning Orland Park IL

We specialize in the following: - Carpet Installation and Repair - Carpet Re- stretching - Pad Replacement - Complete Carpet & Padding Removal (Emergency Services) - Patches and moreā€¦ 
Carpet Installation Orland Park IL
At Cornell carpet and air duct cleaners in Orland Park IL we understand that not all fabrics are the same. Let our certified technicians pick the best cleaning method for your upholstery and you won’t be disappointed with the results. We also specialize in leather cleaning. Our latest technology products will not only clean your leather but also protect for years to come.

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We know that some emergencies don’t occur between 9am-5pm and that’s why we offer 24/7 water damage restoration. Whether it’s a small room or entire basement we have to right tools and equipment to help you. We specialize in: - Water Extraction - Sanitizing - Structural Drying - Equipment Rental - Carpet Cleaning 

water_damage Orland Park IL

At Cornell in Orland Park we offer wet and dry cleaning for all sorts of fabrics and materials. We clean sheers, drapes, curtains, panels and valances. We always test the fabric to determine the most appropriate cleaning method (wet/dry cleaning). We can clean the drapes while they hand or we can remove them and take them to our warehouse where we would clean them and deliver them back within 7-10days.

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"I use Cornell every year to clean my carpets and they never disappoint. They are always on time and keep the same prices. They are a lot cheaper than other big name companies and do a better job."

- Martha, Orland Park IL

"I own few apartment buildings in Orland Park and every time a tenant moves out I call Cornell to clean the carpets. The technicians are young and full of energy; they work hard and don’t slack off. Carpets always turn out great, I highly recommend them."

- Joe, Orland Park IL

"I had used Cornell to clean my air ducts last month and they were great! I recently had my floors refinished and my contractor recommended them. They used this big vacuum and spinning brushes, I was amazed how much dust they collected."

- Mark, Orland Park IL