FAQ – Regarding Carpet Cleaning

Can I walk on the carpet right after cleaning?
- Its ok to walk on the carpet after cleaning, but we recommend to stay off the carpet for safety reasons, we don’t want anyone slipping and falling.

How often should I clean my carpets?
- The carpets should be cleaned once a year, more frequent cleaning might be necessary with high traffic areas, kids and pets

Are all the stains going to come out?
- Usually we can remove most if not all the stains – there are some stains that wont come out like bleach stains, some red stains, glue, paint, organic stains. We always pre-treat the stains and use special stain removal procedures, our success rate is pretty high.

How important is scotchgard protection for the carpet?
- Its very important! It extends the lifespan of the carpet and it helps to keep the stains from absorbing deep into the fabric.

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